Toxic-free Tips for a Safer Halloween


Wanna hear something spooky? With one of CHEJ’s favorite holidays, Halloween, right around the corner, we wanted to let you in on the chemical industry’s dirty little tricks.

PVC, the most toxic plastic for children’s health and the environment, has scared its way into some of our beloved children’s costumes.  Even scarier is that many vinyl products are laden with harmful phthalates,  endocrine disrupting chemicals banned in toys but widespread in many other vinyl products children come in contact with.

Vinyl products also often release a witches’ brew of toxic chemicals into the air.  That’s that new plastic vinyl smell so many of us grew up with.  Who knew it was so scary!

Here are some tips for a safer Halloween for your family and friends:

•    Avoid PVC: Shop for PVC-free costumes and masks.  If you’re not sure what the costume is made out of, ask the store or manufacturer whether or not it contains PVC and phthalates.

•    Make your own costume out of safer PVC-free materials!  We bet you can come up with something fun and creative by just diving into your closet.

•    Trade with your friends. No need to buy more stuff.

•    Use safer face-paints.

Don’t get spooked by the chemical industry this Halloween season!