Biden’s $2 Trillion Proposal Could Boost Ohio Valley Infrastructure And Clean Up Energy Sector

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan contains tens of billions of dollars to address environmental and economic issues throughout the Ohio Valley region, according to details released Wednesday by the White House. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, had promised a major infrastructure initiative, but one never got traction during his four years in office. Speaking in Pittsburgh Wednesday, [...]

Toxic chemical ‘Hall of Shame’ calls out major retailers for failing to act

(CNN)A dozen major companies earned an F for failing to publicly address the growing problem of toxic chemicals that may be in the products they sell to consumers, according to the 2021 Who's Minding the Store? A Report Card on Retailer Actions to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals. The report is a collaboration of nonprofit partner organizations, including [...]

Aquaculture Diversity On The Chesapeake Bay

By: Sharon Franklin, Chief of Operations In a recent article in the Chesapeake Quarterly “Diversity Grows in Aquaculture”, https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/90f423a556ac4a0fa435e43531cb5f3e  Imani Black describes how and why she entered the Aquaculture business.  One reason was that she rarely saw anyone who looked like her in the Aquaculture business.  She was the only Black person and one of [...]

A Recent Survey Casts New Light On America’s Racial Divide In Clean Tap Water Access

Analysis of the 44 million Americans being served by water systems with recent health-based Safe Drinking Water Act violations, reveals overwhelming evidence of a clear racial divide in the provision of clean tap water in the United States. Not surprisingly, a new survey published by SOURCE Global PBC reveals a significant racial disparity in Americans’ trust in the quality of their [...]

Huge, Global Study of Plastic Toys Finds Over 100 Substances That May Harm Children

The potential health risks of chemicals used in plastic toys have had scientists concerned for years, but new research reveals just how widespread the risk of harm to children remains. In an international study, researchers assessed the chemical compositions of toys and estimated levels of human exposure to the substances, ultimately finding over 100 "Chemicals of Concern" in plastic [...]

Two Biden Priorities, Climate and Inequality, Meet on Black-Owned Farms

Sedrick Rowe was a running back for Georgia’s Fort Valley State University when he stumbled on an unexpected oasis: an organic farm on the grounds of the historically Black school. He now grows organic peanuts on two tiny plots in southwest Georgia, one of few African-American farmers in a state that has lost more than [...]