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Brandywine MD Update

Credit for this photo is attributed to Earthjustice This blog post was written by a former fellow, Katie O'Brien Last year, I wrote a blog about the environmental racism taking place in Brandywine, MD after the state approved not one, but two gas-fired power plants in the small town. The town of Brandywine is 21 square [...]


A recent Gallup poll revealed that 51% of Americans are now not in favor of fracking. Although there are many reasons why, I want to focus on one factor - communities across the county raising their voices in opposition. Here are the numbers: In March 2016, 36% of those polled favored fracking while 51% opposed [...]

How Pope Francis helped awaken a deep religious tradition for care for the environment

Mark Stoll, Washington Post. Stoll recently wrote a column about the Pope's support for environmental issues and the Catholic tradition for environmental justice, citing CHEJ's founder Lois Gibbs as "the first Catholic to become nationally known for environmental activism." Just about every person who led and shaped the American conservation and early environmental movements grew [...]

Environmental advocate: Keystone landfill expansion debate is nationally important

Kyle Wind, Scranton Times-Tribune.  Friends of Lackawanna hold an panel discussion on the expansion of Keystone Sanitary Landfill with the help of CHEJ. Keystone Sanitary Landfill’s expansion proposal has national importance because its approval could affect how the Eastern Seaboard disposes of garbage in the coming decades, an environmental activist said Monday. “I think this is [...]

Attorney Pat Clark, Friends of Lackawanna, and Corbett event on March 21, 2016

Attorney Pat Clark, Friends of Lackawanna, talks to Corbett about an event on March 21, 2016 titled "Let's Talk Trash" at the Radisson in Scranton To watch the video, click here.

Planning board meeting turns personal

(Adam Orr|Jefferson Post) Lou Zeller, left, speaks with members of the Ashe County Planning Board on Thursday, JEFFERSON-An Ashe County Planning Board meeting turned testy at times last week as board members sparred with a local environmental activist and some made plain their views on Ashe County’s Board of Commissioners. “I may no [...]

‘Humans of Frome’: Dawn Chapman

Dawn & Dillon Chapman, photographed by Ciara Nolan “For this issue I have invented the first Humans of Frome Award – Mother of the Year and this year the award goes to Dawn Chapman,” says Ciara. “Dawn is a busy production manager at a local engineering company, a job which she loves and [...]

Panel to hear arguments about change in Vogtle plan

A three-judge panel will hear arguments this month on a petition regarding a change in thickness in concrete containment walls for Plant Vogtle’s two new nuclear reactors. The Nuclear Regulatory Commis­sion’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, which hears legal challenges to the commission’s actions, will convene March 15 at Augusta’s Fede­ral Justice Center. Expected to [...]

An underground fire is burning near a nuclear waste dump, and officials say EPA has been too slow to react

Washington Post, Darryl Fears. Members of CHEJ network group Just Moms STL explain the health effects of living near West Lake Landfill and the slow movement of the EPA to stop the underground fire or provide relocation for the families. Just Moms STL visits Capitol Hill to push their bill on relocation to congress.   [...]

The Other Fires of Ferguson: The “Flint” of St. Louis

Next door to Ferguson, the town of Bridgton, Missouri is about to become another symbol of a system that fails the most vulnerable citizens who fall through the cracks of economic and racial disparities. While the political fight for justice for people of color still rages in our local municipalities, the ravages of toxic waste [...]