OH Links Fracking & Earthquakes


Ohio geologists linked earthquakes in a geologic formation deep under the Appalachians to hydraulic fracturing. Ohio state government reacted by issuing new permit conditions in certain areas. This makes Ohio’s restrictions among the nation’s strictest (at least for the limited areas). Read More.


Fracking Air Monitoring Misleading


A new study helps explain this discrepancy. The most commonly used air monitoring techniques often underestimate public health threats because they don’t catch toxic emissions that spike. Read more.

fracking tower

The Daily Show on Fracking


This is funny and so sad talking about fracking related problems in the only way that the Daily Show can. Click here to watch.

Water is seen draining into the Dan River from a coal ash pond at the site of the Duke Energy coal-fired power plant in Eden

NC Hires Lawyer For Spill Worked With The Polluter


The state agency’s chief lawyer said Monday that he saw no conflict of interest in Calloway’s prior representation of Duke, the nation’s largest electricity company. Read more.


Carson, CA Wins Moratorium On Fracking


Two hundred wells near homes and school held at bay by an emergency moratorium on all new drilling.  Read more.

Members of the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program and Radio Disney hold an event to educate children on energy exploration

Disney’s Ohio Plan Canceled – Oil & Gas New Plan for Teachers


On Jan. 9th Disney said the company has pulled out of the remaining installments of the Rocking Ohio tour. The sole intent of the collaboration between Radio Disney and Rocking in Ohio educational initiative was to foster kids’ interest in science and technology. Having been inadvertently drawn into a debate that has no connection with this goal, Radio Disney has decided to withdraw from the few remaining installments of the program. Wait the Oil and Gas Industry has a new idea to reach young children. An Ohio association funded by oil and gas drillers has been paying for teacher-training seminars in which industry-funded representatives demonstrate how students can learn about oil and gas extraction in fun ways. Read more.

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Water Contamination by Fracking Confirmed


As the first official research is published that confirms water contamination by hydraulic fracturing, an alarming amount and array of hazardous chemicals and compounds – including arsenic, chloride, barium and radium – are found in Pennsylvania groundwater. Read more.


Enough is Enough President Obama


Somehow the American people have to find a way to give President Obama a wake up call.  It’s getting so bad that it’s seems like a new disaster every single week, because or no regulations, or no enforcement, no one caring what happening to people, to families who work, play and pray in this country.  I’d love to hear some ideas about how we can help Obama hear the alarms.  It’s just too much. It’s like going back in time when river caught fire, clouds of smoke filled the air and people living in industrial areas did not live very long lives. Today the rivers don’t burn but do run full of chemicals that if you touch it your skin would burn. The sky is not black with smoke it brown with dust storms because of the poor usage of water an climate changes. People of low wealth who live in the extraction zones are sick and dying at an alarming rate.  Let’s just look at the last several recent crisis.

  • West Virginia chemical spill sent a clear message about the dangers of extraction industries and it’s not over just because the media is no longer covering the problem. People still have chemicals in their air of their homes and some in the water pipes. Schools are still being closed because of vapors.
  • Soon after the West Virginia spill came the North Carolina spill of coal wastes? That too is far from being over. Clean up is going to take years to restore the river.
  • This week came the five confirmed earthquakes that have hit the Mahoning Valley in Ohio within a 25-hour period. The Columbia University’s Earth Observatory said there have been actually 11 shocks in the area in one week, from March 4 to 10.
  • We’re not done yet, a new story about radioactive wastes and fracking made headlines when Rachel Maddow detailed the highly radioactive wastes being illegally dump on Native American lands and abandoned buildings in North Dakota.
  • Workers have found more nuclear waste leaking between the walls of a nuclear storage tank on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The waste was found in a new place between the walls of one of the 28 double shell tanks at the site.
  • And today as I write this someone sent me a picture of a wall of dust as tall as 1,000 feet and 200 miles wide that roared across parts of West Texas and New Mexico due to the lack of rain and water.  Yet Texas continues to allow fracking which requires million and millions of gallon of water.

These are the stories that made headlines.  Behind those headlines are rural farmers with contaminated well water from hydro-fracturing; household family pets and live stock getting sick and dying because of gas and oil processes.  Children, women and men gasping for air due to pollution. Our federal oversight agencies, the Department of Interior, Environmental Protection Agency and Center for Disease Control have let all Americans down — turned their backs on the people they are suppose to protect . . .well all Americans except the industries involved in extreme energy.

Enough is enough. So many people’s lives, livelihoods, property and futures have been destroyed with so little regard from the very government agencies that are responsible for protecting, the American people.

When the events in West Virginia came to light, I as a non-scientists knew that just not drinking and bathing in the toxic water was not enough. The chemicals evaporate into the air and every toilet was a point source of toxic vapors. Boiling water after the pipes were flushed was yet another hazards as along with the bacteria was residue chemicals. As the water vapor rose from the boiling water so too did the chemicals into the air of unsuspecting families with small children, pregnant women and other vulnerable populations. One resident calling CHEJ’s offices talked about all the homes that were elevated on top of a hill still had water and air that smelt like licorice. Her concern was that homes and schools that were located on a hill somehow weren’t flushed properly. That same day two schools were evacuated because the children were experiencing health related symptoms. Both schools were on elevated land.

I’m not sure what it is we can do. I would love ideas from you. Recently, more than 1,000 doctors and nurses wrote to President Obama urging him to stop shale gas extraction pending detailed study of its health effects. Many others have asked to revoke the exemptions clean water, air and so on fracking. Stop the exports of gas and coal was another message to Obama with a positive angle America could really become energy independent.

Let’s explore what we all might do to get the Presidents attention. All of us are in this struggle together and it is together that we will find the answer.

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Two More Fracking Earthquakes Shook Ohio


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has ordered Hilcorp to halt all operations in Poland Township after two earthquakes shook the area on Monday.The first occurred at 2:26 a.m. at 40.017 N, 80.537 W at a depth of 1.2 miles in Lowellville, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. USGS initially recorded that quake at a magnitude of 2.8, but later updated it to a 3.0 magnitude. The epicenter was directly below property owned by Republic Services’ Carbon Limestone Landfill, where Hilcorp Energy Co. has one well actively producing and a number of others being drilled.
The second occurred at 11:44 a.m., to the southeast of the first epicenter in Lowellville, registering at a 2.6 magnitude.
There are no injection wells in the area.But both sites are near laterals extending from hydraulic fracturing wells.


Help Us Bring CHEJ’s New Fracking Campaign Mascot to Life!


Meet Fester!

Fester the Frackasaurus will be a 15-foot high inflatable character and will provide the large, visual representation of our campaign necessary to get people’s attention and drive media coverage of our work. Fester will provide people with a focal point to raise awareness surrounding fracking harms. Our Frackasaurus will travel the country and be set up at rallies, information sessions and public events to encourage conversations about fracking.  He’ll be hard to miss on roadsides across America!
Fester will be made out of nylon, a PVC-free synthetic material. He will have grey skin with black spots and will be wearing a yellow hard hat, orange vest, and construction boots, helping to represent the natural gas industry.

Why a dinosaur? Because fracking is a dinosaur technology, both literally and figuratively.
Fracking feeds our reliance on fossil fuels, and accesses the hydrocarbons that are a result of the decay of plant and animal life from the time of the dinosaurs. We should move toward clean, green, alternative energy technologies instead of spending money on dinosaur technologies like fracking.
With your donation to our fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo, we can construct Fester and use him to draw attention to the national effort to fight fracking harms across the country!

How can Fester help your group?
Our national campaign strives to be unforgettable in the minds of everyone: we have the power to bring attention to the issues associated with fracking, and Fester the Frackasaurus will help ensure our message gets across, loud and clear.

How can you help?
There are three ways that you and your organization can help bring Fester to life:
1) Make a donation to our IndieGoGo Campaign.  All donations big or small matter!  A gift of any size will help us make Fester a reality and will impact groups across the country facing fracking harms.
2) Promote of campaign on Twitter and Facebook, creating vital awareness of Fester. Our campaign won’t succeed without your help. To make this easier we have prepared Facebook and Twitter messages (at the bottom of this email) that you can share on your own page.
3) Share our Frackasaurus campaign on your homepage, newsletters, bulletins, promotional materials and with friends of your organization.
We at CHEJ passionately believe that grassroots organizations play a key role in the environmental movement, and we work to organize, train and assist those on the ground with a variety of tools. Fester will be one item in our toolbox available to organizations and activists resisting fracking across America.  We are asking you to take part in this process and work collaboratively with and alongside us to make Fester a reality.  Thank you for your support.


Help CHEJ fund the construction of Fester the Frackasaurus to fight fracking harms! CHEJ is building a new inflatable friend to help draw media coverage at anti-fracking events organized across the country, and we need your help to get him off the ground. Please visit their IndieGoGo campaign page for more information and to donate today — CHEJ’s goal is $7,500. Spread the word and help prevent fracking harms!

Help CHEJ fight fracking harms with Fester the Frackasaurus! Your tax-deductible donation to their campaign will enable them to build their newest 15-foot tall inflatable mascot Fester, who will be the face of their anti-fracking efforts across the country. Help us draw national attention with Fester — please donate today!

Get in on the ground floor with CHEJ’s campaign to fight fracking harms by funding the construction of their anti-fracking mascot Fester the Frackasaurus! Their newest inflatable friend will help draw national attention and serve as a face our supporters can identify with and rally behind. CHEJ needs to raise $7,500 to build Fester, so please consider making a tax-deductible donation by visiting their campaign page today!

CHEJ is reaching out to supporters and asking for help to create Fester the #Frackasaurus! Visit their campaign and donate!
Help @chej bring Fester the #Frackasaurus to life. Make a tax-deductible donation to CHEJ’s campaign today.
Bring @chej‘s Fester the #Fracksaurus to life. Help us raise $7,500 to help #preventfrackingharms with CHEJ’s newest mascot
Fight #fracking with @chej‘s newest mascot Fester the #Frackasaurus. Bring him to life by donating to their campaign today!
Fund Fester the Frackasaurus and help @chej prevent #fracking harms across the country. Donate today!
Fracking is a dinosaur technology. Help @chej make this visible by bringing Fester the #frackasaurus to life-Donate today!
Fracking is a dinosaur technology — help us fight it with Fester! Imagine what a 15 foot #Frackasaurus can do for your campaign or event! @chej