A toxic crisis in America’s coal country

In the shadow of some of America's most controversial coal mines, where companies use huge amounts of explosives to blow the tops off mountains, isolated communities say their water has been poisoned. Read more.

Coal in the US is on the Decline…Even Despite Efforts to Revive the Industry

By: Katie Pfeifer According to US Energy Information Administration (US EIA), more coal plants in the US were retired in President Trump’s first 2 years in office than the whole of Former President Barack Obama’s first term. This is despite lawmaker’s and Trump’s efforts to “revive” the industry, one of Trump’s key campaign promises during the [...]

10th Anniversary of Nation’s Largest Coal Ash Spill

By: Sharon Franklin As we look back at the holiday season, it is only a reminder to Mike Dunn of the health issue his wife Sandy encountered, who was a 40-year employee of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  Mike is reminded of the 2008 Christmas Eve when Sandy left their Alcoa, Tennessee home and her [...]

Trump’s Assault on the Environment — Destructive

In just two years, President Trump has unleashed a regulatory rollback, lobbied for and cheered on by industry, with little parallel in the past half-century. The trade-offs, while often out of public view, are real — frighteningly so, for some people — imperiling progress in cleaning up the air we breathe and the water we drink, [...]

The vinyl plastics industry: one of the biggest users of mercury in the world

Dioxins.  Vinyl chloride.  Phthalates. There are an appalling number reasons why we consider vinyl to be the most toxic plastic on the planet. One reason that many people don’t realize is that the vinyl chemical industry is one of the biggest users of mercury in the entire world, in fact the #2 user [...]

The Answer to Climate Change-A Floating City

For years I’ve thought that those who advocate “clean coal” or hydro fracturing, oil drilling off shore or even nuclear power plants thought that once the earth has been totally contaminated, climate change has dried up our lakes and streams and deserts have replaced once lush farmland that they believed there was another planet where [...]

Reflection on Women's Stories from the MTR and Climate Change Tribunal

Re-post of an article worth reading about the effects of Mountain Top Removal of coal. Rebecca Barnes-Davies, Presbyterian Church Eco Justice Reflections and words from my trip to Charleston, WV for the Central Appalachian Women’s Tribunal on Climate Justice The Central Appalachian Women’s Tribunal on Climate Justice on May 10, 2012 was a powerful and [...]