Leadership Training Academy

Facts are important, but alone they are not enough. Simply speaking the truth about landfills, incinerators or previous violations won’t stop the poisoning. Organizing and leading the community to stand up, be heard and use grassroots power are necessary to bring real change.

CHEJ offers a multidisciplinary Leadership Training Academy program for environmental activists to strengthen the capacity, infrastructure and effectiveness of grassroots leaders. Our seasoned team of grassroots trainers and organizers, led by CHEJ founder Lois Gibbs, strategically mentors, trains and engages longtime grassroots partners and new leaders.

The academy works from our established curriculum, modified to meet the unique goals, strengths and challengesof the groups who are attending. CHEJ staff hold the academy sessions at regional sites across the country, lowering costs for participants, and while there is a nominal fee for attendence, that cost can be waived for groups in low-income communities.

Topics for a training include but are not limited to:

  • Building a Strong Effective Community Group
  • Getting and Keeping More People Involved
  • Establishing an Organizational Decision-Making Structure
  • Developing a Powerful Strategic Plan
  • Crafting an Inclusive Message
  • Coalition Building that is Fair and Powerful
  • Successful Fundraising
  • Campaign Planning
  • Building an Effective Board for your Organization
  • Long Term – Three-to-Five-Year Organizational Planning

If you are interested in having CHEJ conduct a training for your specific group or for a coalition, we encourage you to fill out an application. Our staff can help you think through what training sessions you might want, based upon your needs.

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