It Also Shows More Sites are ID’d but Funding is Stagnant

Fewer Clean-Ups are Being Started and Each One Takes Longer

Groups say “Polluter Pay” Fee Must be Reinstated & Increased

Love Canal Pioneer Says Some Sites are Still Waiting for Clean-Up More Than 25 Years Later

URL to embargoed study: This page is password protected. The password is: access2015   Study Embargoed Until:  Wed, Dec. 9, 2015 at 12:01am

WHAT:  On a call-in news conference, a veteran activist known as the “Mother of the Superfund” will present a new study documenting failures of the once-highly-touted program and recommending substantial reforms including the re-establishment of “Polluter Pay” fee.

Speakers on the call include: Leading the call is Lois Gibbs, the pioneer who won the historic clean-up of Love Canal and founded the Center for Health, Environment and Justice. Also involved are Stephen Lester of CHEJ and Dawn Chapman of Just Moms STL (and the leader of the pending campaign to block an underground fire near a toxic waste dump in Missouri).

Gibbs will also discuss nation-wide Superfund action/protests in 29 cities planned for Wed 12/9.
ALSO TODAY:  7:00 Tuesday 12/8 U.N. Style Human rights tribunal with 5 jurists, including Lois Gibbs and public testimony from 35 participants including Missouri Coalition for the Environment, Just Moms STL and MO Jobs with Justice on health, economic, environmental effects of West Lake Landfill,  Graphic Arts Banquet Hall, 105 Progress Parkway 63043.

WHEN:            Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm (EST), 12:00 pm (CST)

To Call In:       641-715-3580  808-997

DETAILS:      The 35th anniversary of Superfund is Friday, Dec. 11th

CHEJ says that EPA head Gina McCarthy is slowing down sorely-needed clean-ups and has gutted any citizen appeals.

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