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Georgia School Moved from Superfund Site

Community members were concerned over new plans to build a new elementary school on the existing site that has been contaminated for over 40 years. The Glynn Country board unanimously voted to move the school three-quarters of a mile from the existing school. Read More

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl Substamnces (PFAS) Summit

June 27, 2018 More than 200 people participated in the opening session of the first of several regional summits on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PSAS) and related chemicals that the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to sponsor over the coming year.  The summit held in Exeter, New Hampshire included both a public forum Monday, [...]

$100 Million Superfund Settlement in Rhode Island

The EPA, U.S. Department of Justice, and the state DEP reached a $100 settlement from Emhart Industires Inc. and Black & Decker Inc. will clean up the dioxin-contaminated soil at the Superfund site in Northern Providence and Johnson. The site covers nine acres on the Woonaskqutucket River. Read more here

West Virginia Activists Protest Governor

Minden, West Virginia has been contaminated by toxic and cancerous PCBs for decades after Shaffer Equipment Company buried electrical waste in the town. The activists are protesting a sewer project in the town that has exposed residents to PCBs. West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice, originally supported the communities efforts to put their town on the EPA's Superfund Priority list and halt [...]

Ohio EPA program funds septic replacement

Ohio EPA estimates that over 30 percent of septic systems are not functioning properly, causing potential harm to public health. The State's EPA's Water Pollution Control Loan Fund began in 2016 and has since provided over $12.5 million to residents and fixed 1,200 septic systems. Through the loan program, residents could receive 50-100% of the funds [...]

Superfund News

This is where updates on the Superfund campaign and related stories will be published.

Superfund 101

The threats that toxic waste sites pose to human and environmental health are serious and urgent, and research done on Superfund site cleanup has shown that proper cleanup can mitigate the risk of serious health issues and help revitalize ailing local economies. However, the program went bankrupt after the Polluter Pays Fees expired in 1995. [...]

Get Lead out of Water Now!

It is the law that we send our children to school, if we don’t we can be arrested, but there is no law that protects our children from drinking water contaminated with lead while at school. Dating back early 1970’s and the first major lead-based paint legislation that addressed lead-based paint in federal housing not [...]

Something in the Water?

Water is the most fundamental unit of life, necessary for the survival of every organism on earth. Despite the importance of this essential molecule, water resources across the United States are not treated with the appropriate level of care and precaution to protect public health. As one of the most wealthy and powerful countries in [...]

Polite People Get Poisoned

Lois Gibbs delivers the keynote address at Building a Future Full of Hope and Promise: Improving Air Quality in Southwestern Pennsylvania on April 13, 2018.