The Center for Health, Environment and Justice has been on the front line in the fight for environmental health for 35 years. We train and support local activists across the country and build local, state and national initiatives that win on issues from Superfund to climate change.

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We Can Help You Win

CHEJ has the tools to help residents fight against toxic threats in their community. We can provide scientific information to make your case, leadership training to build your organization and organize your community, and ongoing coaching throughout the process.

Whether you are starting a new initiative from scratch with volunteers or have been working together for years, CHEJ is there for you. Contact us to find out more. 

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Love Canal

Our story began in Love Canal, NY, where Lois Gibbs led her neighbors to be protected from 20,000 tons of hazardous waste buried in their backyards. Love Canal was national news and the catalyst for the federal Superfund program.

Armed with lessons about the power of organizing, education and the bold voice of local residents defending their families, Lois launched CHEJ in 1981. We’ve been fighting for a healthier environment ever since.

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A Network For Change

Our nationwide network of more than 300 local community groups works locally and at the regional, state and national levels to achieve critical policy impacts around issues like fracking, release of toxic chemicals, climate change, industral waste and more.

The communities we serve are largely rural, low-wealth or working class—the places that typically bear the brunt of environmental degradation. Together, we make a difference. 

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Living near radioactive dump, smoldering landfill, some in Missouri town want buyouts.

April 20th, 2017|Comments Off on Living near radioactive dump, smoldering landfill, some in Missouri town want buyouts.

Doctors found the first tumors in Christen Commuso’s ovaries in 2012. Before long, more turned up in her gall bladder, thyroid and adrenal glands. Lesions appeared on her liver. While [...]

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Just Moms St. Louis, MO Closer To Buyout

April 14th, 2017|Comments Off on Just Moms St. Louis, MO Closer To Buyout

Missouri senators have passed a buyout program targeting homes near a St. Louis-area Superfund site. Senators voted 30-3 Wednesday to send the measure to the House. It would allow residents [...]

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  • pouring-water-in-glass-thumb2801669

Maryland Bans Fracking

March 28th, 2017|Comments Off on Maryland Bans Fracking

Senate passes bill with GOP governor's support, following six years of grassroots resistance across the state of Maryland With game-changing support from Republican Governor Larry Hogan, the Maryland state Senate [...]

Out of Resistance
A Powerful New Movement

At Rise Up 2017 we will…

  • Build a Long-Term Agenda that points the way to transformative change and guides our campaigns now
  • Go on the offense at every level – from cities to statehouses to the halls of Congress
  • Commit to stopping the attacks on people of color, immigrants, women, Muslims and LGBTQ people
  • Gather with friends and allies to celebrate what we have won and the movement we are building together

Join us in Washington, D.C. in April

  • East Chicago, IN

Tax Reform Should Begin With Making Polluters Pay

April 20th, 2017|Comments Off on Tax Reform Should Begin With Making Polluters Pay

As we begin our national conversation about tax reform, why don’t we start with low-hanging fruit – [...]

After the success of determined activists at the Standing Rock Pipeline Camp in North Dakota, advisers to the new governmental administration plan to privatize Native American land to facilitate oil drilling and strip them of their sovereignty.

We have won a battle against big oil and for marginalized communities, but the fight is not yet over.

Tell your representative to stop taking away rights from marginalized communities. Find out who you can contact here:

Here’s a video of CHEJ’s Lois Gibbs as she joined forces with the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League on an eight-day 350 mile tour along the Atlantic Coast (ACP) and Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) routes through North Carolina and Virginia. Read more here.