East Palestine, Ohio

What you need to know about the Toxic Train Derailment

The East Palestine, Ohio train derailment occurred on February 11, 2023, when a freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed, resulting in a fire that engulfed several train cars. The incident, which took place in the small town of East Palestine, raised immediate concerns about public safety and environmental contamination. Toxic fumes from the burning materials posed health risks to nearby residents, prompting evacuation measures and emergency response efforts from local authorities.

Following the derailment, residents reported symptoms such as respiratory issues and skin irritation, sparking further investigations into the health effects of chemical exposure. Community leaders like Jami Wallace, President of the Unity Council, mobilized efforts to address accountability and advocate for improved safety regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous materials through residential areas. The incident underscored the importance of proactive measures to prevent similar incidents and protect the well-being of communities impacted by industrial accidents.


Last February, a 150-car freight train with 20 or so tanker cars carrying toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine, OH. The rail company quickly made the decision to spill the contents and then burn 5 tanker cars holding vinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals into a ditch alongside the railroad tracks. This intentional burn unleashed a gigantic black cloud that enveloped the surrounding neighborhoods and farms in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Local resident Jami Wallace, who experienced the accident and the intentional burn, and Amanda Kiger, from River Valley Organizing, shared their experiences after this disaster. The panelists also discussed what they have learned and where they were at the time of this recording.