Know the Issues

Since its inception, the Center for Health Environment & Justice has helped local leaders fight against toxic chemicals in their environment, including Superfund sites, landfills, dangerous cleaning chemicals in schools, polluting factories and more.

More recently, we have been working with communities across the U.S. that are suffering from the effects of fracking on their drinking water, soil and air, including leading coalitions dedicated to banning this distructive practice. We have started the Greener, Cheaper Power campaign to fight global warming by pairing affordable energy for with a transition away from fossil fuels.

The capstone of our work is a movement to create healthy neighborhoods that are not only free of dangerous chemicals but also places that have what it takes to offer a healthy, productive life, such as good schools, accessible public transportation, available and affordable health care, and green jobs.

At CHEJ, our support is not limited to a specific set of environmental issues because, unfortunately, the people we serve around the country face a wide array of threats. The issues listed here represent our key campaigns and some issues with which we have had years of experience. If your community is fighting for its health from a different environmental threat, however, let us know. We are ready to help.