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E-cigarettes contain 10 times amount of carcinogens.

E-cigarettes contain 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents as regular tobacco, Japanese scient ...

Bhopal's toxic legacy lives on.

Beyond the iron gates of the derelict pesticide plant where one of the world's worst industrial disa ...

Oilsands study confirms link between tailings ponds and air pollution.

New federal government research in Canada has confirmed that oilsands tailings ponds are releasing t ...

China clamps down on environment violations, toughest law in 2015.

China will beef up environmental law enforcement as the country's toughest environment protection la ...

Be Safe

Precautionary Action Prevents Harm

The precautionary approach looks at how we can prevent harm from environmental hazards. It is a “better safe than sorry” practice motivated by caution and prevention. Why ask “what level of harm is acceptable?” when we can prevent pollution and environmental destruction before it happens. The Center for Health, Environment & Justice’s BE SAFE campaign is a nationwide initiative to build support for the precautionary approach. [Read more]

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November 24, 2014 Statins: Widely used drugs may protect people from air pollution - By Brian Bienkowski Staff Writer Environmental Health News Nov. 24, 2014 One of the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States may have an extra benefit: protecting people from air pollution. Stati... [Link]
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