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Green Purchasing

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Recycling, waste-reduction: US food and beverage companies come up 'significantly short.'

Despite years of well-touted sustainability efforts, U.S. fast-food chains continue to send millions ...

Doctors' groups press EPA for much stricter federal ozone limit.

The top doctors’ organizations in Texas and Dallas County, along with other groups and individuals ...

Utah lawmakers unveil $28 million in air quality proposals.

Utah lawmakers unveiled two dozen air quality proposals Thursday, ranging from buying transit passes ...

California labels e-cigarettes a public health threat.

The California Department of Public Health on Wednesday issued a warning about the dangers of e-ciga ...

Be Safe

Precautionary Action Prevents Harm

The precautionary approach looks at how we can prevent harm from environmental hazards. It is a “better safe than sorry” practice motivated by caution and prevention. Why ask “what level of harm is acceptable?” when we can prevent pollution and environmental destruction before it happens. The Center for Health, Environment & Justice’s BE SAFE campaign is a nationwide initiative to build support for the precautionary approach. [Read more]

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