Back-to-School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies

Green Purchasing

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Breaking: Chemical exposure linked to billions in health care costs., Chemical exposure linked to billions in health care costs.

Exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals is likely leading to an increased risk of serious health pr ...

BPA is fine, if you ignore most studies about it.

Bisphenol-A is either a harmless chemical that’s great for making plastic or one of modern society ...

Perennial rice: In search of a greener, hardier staple crop.

Chinese researchers appear close to developing this new breed of rice, an achievement that could hav ...

Cleaner air linked to bigger, stronger lungs in Southern California children.

Cleaner air has for the first time been linked to bigger and stronger lungs among school-age childre ...

Be Safe

Precautionary Action Prevents Harm

The precautionary approach looks at how we can prevent harm from environmental hazards. It is a “better safe than sorry” practice motivated by caution and prevention. Why ask “what level of harm is acceptable?” when we can prevent pollution and environmental destruction before it happens. The Center for Health, Environment & Justice’s BE SAFE campaign is a nationwide initiative to build support for the precautionary approach. [Read more]

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