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Green Purchasing

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India’s tech hub gasps for fresh air.

India’s technology hub, that had become an international byword for outsourcing, is gasping for fr ...

Secrecy over fracking chemicals clouds environmental risks, advocates say.

The fracking industry must be compelled to provide far more detailed information to regulators if th ...

In Chicago, rooftop farming is getting off the ground.

For more than a decade, Chicago has been at the forefront of the green-roof movement. Now the city i ...

Chevron fire sent U.S. Chemical Safety Board into a tailspin.

To some, the strife at the U.S. Chemical Safety Board — the 40-person authority charged with inves ...

Be Safe

Precautionary Action Prevents Harm

The precautionary approach looks at how we can prevent harm from environmental hazards. It is a “better safe than sorry” practice motivated by caution and prevention. Why ask “what level of harm is acceptable?” when we can prevent pollution and environmental destruction before it happens. The Center for Health, Environment & Justice’s BE SAFE campaign is a nationwide initiative to build support for the precautionary approach. [Read more]

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