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Green Purchasing

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Study finds fine particulate air pollution associated with increased risk of autism.

Exposure to the pollution caused by such things as car exhaust and coal-fired power plants may be as ...

Bills allow idled hog farms to return under old environmental standards.

In the North Carolina House and Senate, lawmakers have approved legislation granting a reprieve to i ...

Remembering the historic fight over PCB dredging on the Hudson River.

This summer, General Electric and the Environmental Protection Agency are wrapping up major dredging ...

With new EPA water rule, Obama again takes executive action on environment.

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release a new rule to protect a signif ...

Be Safe

Precautionary Action Prevents Harm

The precautionary approach looks at how we can prevent harm from environmental hazards. It is a “better safe than sorry” practice motivated by caution and prevention. Why ask “what level of harm is acceptable?” when we can prevent pollution and environmental destruction before it happens. The Center for Health, Environment & Justice’s BE SAFE campaign is a nationwide initiative to build support for the precautionary approach. [Read more]

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