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Air pollution takes a double toll on babies' brains.

A common pollutant in vehicle exhaust, power plant emissions and secondhand cigarette smoke can shri ...

Deep-sea fish not immune to pollution.

Even a mile down, some fish have liver pathologies, tumors and other types of health problems that a ...

Beijing shuts down coal power plants as air pollution costs economy.

Beijing is closing its last major coal power station next year in an attempt to tackle air pollution ...

China spends to extinguish funeral pollution.

While pollution in China is typically associated with coal-fired power plants or the country’s eve ...

Children’s Environmental Health Program

Building Safer Environments for Our Kids

The Children’s Environmental Health Program (CEHP) works to protect children from exposure to environmental health hazards where they live, learn, play and pray. We help communities create safer and healthier environments for children through innovative trainings, programs and personal assistance. [Learn More]

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