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How one small change could reduce your food waste.

Simply shrinking the size of the plates and cups we use can drastically curtail environmental, nutri ...

Hudson River called a health risk.

Some of the most polluted water in the Hudson River is found in the New York City and New Jersey sec ...

From green chemists, a better way to pave.

There’s nothing green about asphalt, unless you can make less of the stuff by more efficiently reu ...

China’s battle against smog leads to mass layoffs.

China’s campaign for cleaner air has come at a high cost for a city in an eastern province.

Children’s Environmental Health Program

Building Safer Environments for Our Kids

The Children’s Environmental Health Program (CEHP) works to protect children from exposure to environmental health hazards where they live, learn, play and pray. We help communities create safer and healthier environments for children through innovative trainings, programs and personal assistance. [Learn More]

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