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EPA expected to treat coal ash waste like garbage.

Environmentalists and industry experts widely expect the first federal standards for the waste gener ...

Heart experts warn of air pollution dangers.

Air pollution should be one of the avoidable heart risk factors – just like smoking and excess fat ...

Drug pollution risk 'a global responsibility.'

Rich countries should help poorer countries deal with the risk posed by pharmaceutical contamination ...

Why is Ecuador selling its economic and environmental future to China?

If President Rafael Correa mounts another run, the battle over the Amazon oil reserves will be a big ...

Children’s Environmental Health Program

Building Safer Environments for Our Kids

The Children’s Environmental Health Program (CEHP) works to protect children from exposure to environmental health hazards where they live, learn, play and pray. We help communities create safer and healthier environments for children through innovative trainings, programs and personal assistance. [Learn More]

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