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Calls to ban toxic chemicals fall on deaf ears around the world.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere, found in cosmetics, preservatives, medicines and coun ...

Environmentalists sue over nuclear reactor's impact on Columbia River.

Three environmental groups sued a Washington state agency Thursday over the effects of the Northwest ...

Olympics bid fuels drive for clean air.

The severe air pollution in Beijing, especially in autumn and winter, has been a headache for outdoo ...

Leaked Sellafield photos reveal 'massive radioactive release' threat.

Dilapidated nuclear waste storage ponds abandoned 40 years ago containing hundreds of tonnes of fuel ...

Children’s Environmental Health Program

Building Safer Environments for Our Kids

The Children’s Environmental Health Program (CEHP) works to protect children from exposure to environmental health hazards where they live, learn, play and pray. We help communities create safer and healthier environments for children through innovative trainings, programs and personal assistance. [Learn More]

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