January 2024
CHEJ's "All In" - Spotlight of the Month

Welcome to this year’s first edition of our monthly digest at the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice in this exciting new year! As we step into 2024, our optimism is fueled by the incredible strides made by you. All of the inspiring stories, highlights of progress, and ongoing efforts by individuals and organizations at the forefront.

Our collective efforts continue to bridge gaps and amplify voices, ensuring that marginalized communities disproportionately affected by environmental issues are heard and empowered. Through education, advocacy, and innovative solutions, we’re building a more inclusive and resilient world.

Thank you for being part of our community, and let’s embark on this new year as we navigate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, unified in our commitment to healthier, more equitable communities for all.

Toxic Tuesday

Endometrial cancer is an increasingly common form of cancer in developed countries. There are both genetic and environmental risk factors associated with the development of endometrial cancer, and changing the environmental… [Read more]

Backyard Talk Blogs

By Stephen Lester. By Stephen Lester. Nearly 10 months ago, a Norfolk Southern train with more than 150 cars, many of which contained toxic chemicals, derailed in East Palestine, OH. Thirty-eight of the train cars derailed and a decision[Read more]

The EJ Minute Podcast

COP 28, Indigenous Concerns over Clean Energy Infrastructure in New York, Cleveland’s Expanded Access to Recreational Water and Green Spaces[Listen Now]

Discussing attendance at the United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, more commonly referred to as COP28[Listen Now]

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