July 2023
CHEJ's "All In" - Spotlight of the Month

CHEJ’s Science Director, Stephen Lester, presented “Truth and Consequences” at the Midwest Environmental Health Summit on June 3, 2023, hosted by Citizens for a Clean Wausau.

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMlDbkuD8bE

Stephen later toured Wausau’s Thomas Street neighborhood and Riverside Park, after an updated risk assessment released by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, outlined a serious concern for children and adults who use the space.

CHEJ's Stephen Lester tours a west-side neighborhood where contamination has been reported. Photo credit: Collin Massad

Read the Wasaus Pilot and Review’s coverage of Stephen’s visit.

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Toxic Tuesday

Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) are a family of hundreds of chemicals that come from crude oil. When crude oil is spilled during extraction or processing into petroleum products, TPHs can contaminate the environment. Becau[Read more]

Glyphosate is a chemical found in weed killer products such as RoundUpTM used on farms and home lawns. It gets absorbed by plant leaves, stopping plant growth within hours. Because of its effectiveness, glyphosate is found… [Read more]

Training Calls

The goal of this Training Call was to introduce grassroots organizers to the tools and language used amongst UX professionals so that they could improve their online presence, recruitment, and connecting with their base[Watch now]

Backyard Talk Blogs

By Hunter Marion. In 2021, California passed a law restricting the use of the classic recycling symbol upon products that are not truly recyclable. Last May, this law, and substantial complaints over the years, triggered an official comment by[Read more]

By Stephen Lester. In a major win for grassroots community groups throughout the country, the USEPA decided last week to withdraw its plan to relax clean air regulations applying to pyrolysis and gasification facilitie[Read more]

By Sharon Franklin. Tim Carpenter, reporter for the Kansas Reflector, recently reported a massive oil spill that is distorting a Kansas couple’s confidence in the integrity of the Keystone pipeline. The rupture of TC Energy’s 36-inch steel pipe has released [Read more]

By Leila Waid. It may come as a surprise that one of the biggest challenges facing environmental and public health is our judicial system – specifically the current U.S. Supreme Court. Out of the total nine Justices, six[Read more]

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