California Seeks to Close Loophole Allowing Schools to Be Built Near Toxic Sites

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A new bill, that could drastically limit where future schools can be built throughout the state, cleared a major hurdle in the California legislature on Thursday and is now headed for a full vote in the Assembly in the coming weeks.  The legislation would force private and charter schools to comply with tougher environmental standards – the very same regulations that are already in place for public schools – in hopes of preventing classrooms from being constructed near potentially toxic sites.
Whatever school you send your child to, you should know well that they are not going to be in danger,” said Assemblyman Alex Lee, who authored the legislation, Assembly Bill 762.  “The problem right now is that private and charter schools can be [built] on top of or even really close to toxic and hazardous sites and there’s no law preventing that.”
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Photo Credit: Sean Myers/NBC Bay Area

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