Green Flag Resources

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Green Flag Resources

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  |  Integrated Pest Management  |  Indoor Air Quality  |  Non-Toxic Products

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Resources

General Information

Gateway to Recycling Resources in Your Community.

Real Estate Resources: A Guide to Recycling.

Recycling & Composting: Paper, Plastic, Glass & More.

How-To Reduce Plastic Waste in Schools.

A List of RRR Curriculum Links, Activities and Lesson Plans

California Integrated Waste Management Board Curricula.

Grass Roots Recycling Network: Teachers’ Recycle: Tools for Zero Waste Schools Waste Reduction for K – 12.

EPA K-12 curriculum.

Composting Resources

Vermicomposting – The Worm Café: Mary Appelhof’s website has links, articles, and other resources- you can buy her books (which are highly recommended) on the site as well (The books include: Worms Eat Our Garbage (a classroom workbook).

California Integrated Waste Management Board: website describing the process of Grasscycling, the natural recycling of grass.

Composter’s Forum: The Compost Resource Page:

How Stuff Works: Learn how composting works.

Envirocycle Systems:

Happy D Ranch: Offers a lot of information as well as a variety of worm bins,worms, and books on worm composting.Their staff is very helpful.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s compost fact sheet: Basic information on composting.

Compost Bin Resources (recycled content) – Urban Garden Center: D&P Industries offer the award winning “Urban Compost Tumbler” an efficient and attractive tumbler that is pest proof and almost completely made with recycled items.

Paper Recycling Programs:

Ollie Recycles: Great kid friendly website with questions, facts, explanations and processes of recycling paper.

EPA: Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines: page that can help find recycled paper.

The Chlorine Free Products Association: Can help school officials find chlorine-free paper.

Other School Recycling Programs 

The Earth Flag Programs:

Pedals for Progress: Works with school groups and others to recycle bicycles and send them to developing countries.

Recycling Refund Resources

Charitable Recycling Program: A national program that allows schools and other institutions to donate cell phones to a charity of choice including your school.

Recycle & Raise Funds: Will pay you a refund for empty inkjet cartridges.

Recycling Product Resources

Boulder County Recycling at School site.

Websites containing information on Recycled Products

Access Eco: Functional, high quality promotional items made the earth-friendly way.

Adapt Ad Specialty: Over 5,000 recycled products distributed.

Amazing Recycled Products: Shop on-line for recycled products, (800) 241-2174.

Dolphin Blue: Enviro-friendly office products. Schools can order discounted recycled paper.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program’s database of environmental information on products and services.

Grass Roots Recycling Network:

Green Home: Distributor on environmentally-friendly products.

National Recycling Coalition’s (NRC’s) Buy Recycled Business Alliance (BRBA): Includes a Buy Recycled Guidebook, online library, 18 case studies on how to use recycled-content construction materials. The NRC also holds discussion forum’s, and has links to state and regional recycling organizations, and has an events calendar.

Rainbow Eco Specialties: Environmentally-friendly promotional products.

Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative:Offers assistance for purchasing high quality recycled office copy paper at good prices.

Recycler’s World: A global trading site for recyclable commodities, by-products, used and surplus items or materials.

Student Focused Sites

EPA resources for kids:

Environmental Education for Kids: Wisconsin DNR.

Grassroots Recycling Network Kids Recycle:

Make your own recycled paper. Try this guide from the Exploratorium.

Integrated Pest Management Resources

IPM Curriculum Links, Activities and Lesson Plans

Pennsylvania IPM Program: School IPM. Offers ways in which IPM can be used in teaching and educational opportunities for educators.

Michigan State University: Pesticide Education. IPM curriculum developed for an urban elementary school this guide containing an for k-6 graders.

The IPM Institute of North America. Check this site for a comprehensive list of school-related IPM resources.

IPM in Schools

Beyond Pesticides: Alternatives to Using Pesticides in Schools. What is School IPM?

EPA: IPM for Schools.

EPA: Strategic Plan for School Integrated Pest Management. (link tp PDF at bottom of page)

IPM Institute of North America: IPM Standards for Schools.

Model School IPM Policy

School Pesticide Reform Coalition: Safer Schools. 2003 report documents 27 school districts and schools in 19 states successfully implementing an IPM program.  It also contains a model school IPM policy.

Identifying Toxic Chemicals in Pesticides

Pesticide Action Network of North America: Pesticide database.

School IPM and Cost

Beyond Pesticides: Schools Save Money with IPM. Fact sheet.

Implementing IPM in your School District

EPA: Writing an IPM Policy for your School District.

University of Arizona: School IPM: Children’s Environmental Health Program.

EPA: Monroe County Community School Corporation Success Story.

University of Florida’s school IPM site.

School IPM Certification and Recognition Programs

IPM Institute of North America: IPM STAR Program.

Student Focused Sites

State of Pennsylvania IPM.

Safter Pest Control – A Kid’s Guide to Pesticides.

EPA: Roach Prevention Activity. Interactive EPA website for kids.

Indoor Air Quality Resources

General Information

EPA: Info on Indoor Air Pollution.

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility: In Harm’s Way. Addresses toxic chemical influences on developmental disabilities and children.

Environmental Law Institute: Healthier Schools: A Review of State Policies for Improving Indoor Air Quality.

American Lung Association: Healthy Air. Website with access to information on air quality, related diseases, and policies related to clean air

The Healthy Schools Network. A state-based advocate for the protection of children’s environmental health in schools.

California Environmental Protection Agency. Website with information on how to better understand air pollution.

Air & Water, Inc. Website with links to other sites on various topics on air pollution.

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Website contains informtion about air pollution and its impact on infants and children.

A list of curriculum links, activities and lesson plans

EPA Tools for School: Resource, Curricula and Tools. Teacher’s resources for IAQ.

National Safety Council: Teacher’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality. The National Safety Council’s Environmental Health Center has developed the Teacher’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality. This is recommended for use with Tools for Schools.

National Park Service: Air Quality Curriculum, Lesson Plans, and Resource Guides.

Kids 4 Clean Air. Website contains information sheets for ages 5 to 11, to help learn about our planet’s air and mankind’s impact upon it. There are also a series of games and puzzles to help you learn and have some fun.

Information on Asthma

EPA: Asthma and Indoor Environments. Website for the Environmental Protection Agency with information about asthma and the environment and links to a variety of other asthma info.

Pew Environmental Health Commission. Report called “Attack Asthma: Why America Needs a Public Health Defense System to Battle Environmental Threats.” To find, click on reports on the left side of screen.

The American Lung Association. Contains more information on IAQ and how it relates to asthma.

Information about lead in schools

EPA: Testing Schools and Child Care Centers for Lead in the Drinking Water.

Information about mold in schools

Center for Disease Control.


Information about diesel fumes and schools /Anti-Diesel idling policies

Natural Resources Defense Council: No Breathing in the Aisles. Information about diesel exhaust inside school buses. 

EPA: Clean School Bus USA.  Sample anti-idling guidelines.

EPA: Air Pollution and Kids. Fact sheet on diesel exhaust and idling.

EPA: Anti-idling efforts of New England states.

Alternative fuel sources

EPA fact sheet on Clean Fuels: An Overview.

Non-Toxic Products Resources

Environmentally Preferable Products Resources Website listing products that have met the Green Seal-37 standard and/or appear to meet the environmentally preferable cleaning product criteria developed by the Center for New American Dream’s cleaning product work group.

Background Information on Toxics in Cleaning Products

Cleaning for Health: Products and Practices for a Safer Indoor Environment. Published by Inform.

Healthy Schools Network. Contact HSN to find out how to receive a copy of the Sanitzers and Disinfectants Guide.

Material Safety Data Sheet Resources

MSDS. A site produced by the Interactive Learning Paradigms, incorporated.

University of Vermont Safety Information Resources. Website that allows you to search for MSDS’s by manufacturer.

Cleaning and Maintenance Practices and Health Impacts

Healthy School Environment and Enhanced Educational Performance. A case study of the renovation of Charles Young Elementary School in Washington, DC, that shows how improved environmental conditions led to improved health and academic performance.

Student Focused Sites

The Green Squad website has fact sheets for middle school students [See Green Flag Start up Kit].


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