Skeptics voice concerns over EPA plan for worst toxic waste sites

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“The whole thing has so little to do with the core missions, which is protecting citizens and the environment we live in.” said Lois Gibbs, founder of the Virginia-based CHEJ. “It really is like a blueprint for redevelopment and investors, not ‘how do we protect the environment, how how do we make responsible parties pay.’”
Gibbs pointed to a section in the report that encourages private investment as an example of this redevelopment blueprint, and said the report does not lay out how companies that were already reticent to get involved with clean-ups would change their minds, particularly with the Trump administration’s proposal to slash the Superfund budget, which could hamper federal enforcement.
“Why is company X suddenly going to play differently than they played in the past?” Gibbs said. “There is no money to use as leverage.”
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