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Related image  Everyone off the couch, shake the cobweb out of your brain and enjoy the coming of spring.  Sure we have had a rough winter following the elections.  And it may get rougher still.  I know at first I just wanted to crawl under the covers and go back to my pre-activist days.  Then Lois said to all of us, “don’t agonize, organize.”  Of course Lois would say that, that’s her style.
Earth Day is around the corner; I know some of us no longer see Earth Day as a big deal.  The last time I attended an Earth Day event at the Ohio State House my heart broke.  As I looked around the State House lawn and all I saw was the corporate logos on nice white 12 by 12 tents.  What happened to the students and their drum circles?  Where were all the little grassroots groups sells their buttons and tee shirts to help them survive another year?  Will we ever take back Earth Day?
On the very first Earth Day millions of Americans participated in rallies, marches along with thousands of colleges and universities where the youth helped forced the environment into a political agenda.  Senator Gaylord Nelson, an environmentalist from Wisconsin was behind the idea of Earth Day with hopes of bring the grassroots movement together with ecological awareness.
Environmental awareness is making a comeback in a big way and we see more and more grassroots groups coming together to help save the plant.  We are not too late, we can’t be.  So again I say, SPRING INTO ACTION, do what you can, find your niche, have fun, raise hell. Someone’s got to do it, might as well be you.

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