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The Center for Health, Environment & Justice is the nation’s leading resource for grassroots environmental activism. We train community leaders across the country who are working on a wide range of environmental issues impacting their communities. Moms and dads, farmers and inner-city residents, professionals and blue-collar workers who face an environmental health threat—all are welcome to call our offices. At CHEJ, we believe that everyone has the right to a clean and healthy environment.

People who discover environmental contamination in their neighborhoods are often given a mere month or two to articulate their concerns and organize their communities. Many must create, often out of nothing, a well-organized volunteer group to take on the polluter. CHEJ’s Leadership Training Academy helps communities identify volunteer leaders, form organizations and networks, develop basic skills, and expand their community base.

These groups must also respond to “experts” who have prepared intricate technical plans for well-financed government agencies and corporations. CHEJ’s Science and Technical Assistance Program translates the technical aspects of chemical exposures into language that is easy to understand and can be used to win.

In 2015, CHEJ’s staff helped more than 700 leaders from 40 states build confidence and power by providing them with the strategies, network, policy analysis and scientific perspective. The groups fought for environmental justice around issues from leaking landfills and polluted drinking water to incinerators and hazardous waste sites.



Help to Win

Speakers Bureau

“If there is not a strong and strategic grassroots component, you don’t win. To achieve environmental health protection, it’s absolutely essential to have a grassroots organizing component, and that’s why CHEJ is so essential to the work being done in communities around the nation.”

— EPA Region 2 Administrator Judith Enck, NY