Help To Win

For most of the thousands of groups CHEJ has helped over the years, our collaboration began with a phone call to our office. A nearby landfill smells bad and I think it’s making our kids sick. My neighbors and I want to stop a local factory from dumping its wastewater, but we don’t know how to start. We’ve got a small group working against fracking—how can we explain how dangerous it is?

The calls come because CHEJ has the tools to help local residents win. Organizing isn’t easy. There are no magic facts. There are no perfect heroes to give perfect speeches that will convince the polluters to stop polluting. But with dogged determination of people working together—knowledgable and organized—neighbors can protect their health and the health of their neighbors and help build strong communities where people can live, work, learn, play and pray.

CHEJ can provide your community with tools and support to fight against toxic threats, whether you are starting a new initiative from scratch with volunteers or have been working already for years. Our support is broadly structured in four categories:

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Science and Technical Assistance

Leadership Training Academy

Ongoing Coaching

Small Grants Program

Free Training Call Audio

“CHEJ was there for us when no other national or local group would talk to us about the poison in our water.  They gave us a crash course in Organizing 101. CHEJ helped ordinary moms make enough noise to get the lead in Flint’s water covered by the national media.”

— Melissa Mayes, Water You Fighting For, Flint, MI