Poll Results: What do you want to see from the next EPA?

Last week, we asked you on Twitter, Facebook, and through an e-mail to add your voice to an important discussion: what do you want to see from the next EPA administration? The results are in! Focus on environmental justice: 58 votes More direct efforts to make impactful resolutions: 32 votes [...]

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Alliances Across the Aisle, A Breath of Fresh Air

We are deep in the middle of an ugly and divisive election season with two presidential candidates regularly described by polls as the most unpopular in decades. This year’s partisan advertisements and speeches are enough to turn off anyone from politics. One could be forgiven for wondering if politicians can [...]

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Lead: Slowly Poisoning Our Country

Photo: Leaded water in one of the many lead positive Chicago Public School's bottled from the school's water fountain. With news about flint’s water crisis still fresh in our minds, we continue to hear concerns from other communities about their water supplies. Recently, more than 72 Chicago public [...]

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Grassroots Green Hero: Eva Telesco

Eva M. Telesco of Lancaster Against Pipelines with her husband Jon and son Pike. The group is fundraising for lawsuits they have filed to stop Atlantic Sunrise Project and raising awareness about the project throughout the affected communities. Interview by Erin Allegro Eva M. Telesco is a volunteer [...]

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Brandywine MD Update

Credit for this photo is attributed to Earthjustice This blog post was written by a former fellow, Katie O'Brien Last year, I wrote a blog about the environmental racism taking place in Brandywine, MD after the state approved not one, but two gas-fired power plants in the small town. The [...]

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Fracking’s Methane Problem

It doesn’t take too long to scroll through the CHEJ blog roll to find multiple examples of the negative health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as fracking. But, even if fracking could be done in a manner that did not pollute and negatively impact the lives of some of [...]

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JUST SAY NO! Susquehanna County citizens are in the fight for their lives.  They just recently learned that a new hazardous waste incinerator may be built in their community. Hundreds of citizens are turning out for community meetings to discuss a hazardous waste incinerator that is being proposed in New [...]

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Our White House Call In: An Empowering Success

I don’t know if you noticed, but over the past week and a half, we at CHEJ have been repeatedly asking you, and by extension, your friends, your family, your colleagues, and everyone else you know to call in to the White House and ask for the EPA to ‘Get [...]

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