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A large part of what we do here at CHEJ is pool our knowledge to create resources to help communities fight back against polluters. Our publications cover a wide variety of issues, from general education on common environmental health issues to guides on how to lead a movement. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of our publications.

Table of Contents

Dangers in Your Community: Guides and publications that relate to environmental health issues that could arise in your home or community.

  • Fact Packs on Other Potential Community Dangers
    • Property Value Fact Pack
    • Cement Kiln Fact Pack
    • PFCs Fact Sheets
    • Cancer Clusters Fact Pack
    • Community Health Surveys
    • Environmental Testing
    • Deep Well Injection
    • Soil Burners Fact Pack
    • Burning Tires Fact Pack
    • Indoor Pollution Fact Pack
    • Local Ordinances Fact Pack
    • Cell Phone Towers Fact Pack
    • Asphalt Plants Fack Pack
    • Waste Transfer Station Fact Pack
  • Hazards of Dioxin
    • American People’s Report
    • American People’s Report: Technical Report
    • Standing Our Ground
    • Dying From Dioxin
  • Landfills
    • Landfill Failures Fact Pack
    • Construction and Demolition Landfills Fact Pack
    • Landfills: Trashing Earth
    • Landfills: Health Studies
  • Toxics in School
    • PCB Fact Pack
    • Safe School Siting Toolkit
    • Building Safe Schools
    • Green Purchasing Toolkit
    • Guide to Green Cleaning for Home
    • A Parent’s Guide to Reducing Children’s Environmental Health Risks
    • Poisoned Schools: Invisible Threats, Visible Action
    • Creating Safe Learning Schools: Invisible Threats, Visible Action
    • Creating Safe Learning Zones: ABCs of Healthy Schools

Organizing and Leadership: Guides and publications that will help you become a leader in your community’s movement to take on polluters.

  • Leadership Development
    • How to Deal with a Proposed Facility
    • How to Deal with Trouble
    • Fight to Win: Leadership Handbook
    • Research Guide for Leaders
    • Running for Office
    • User’s Guide to Experts
    • User’s Guide to Lawyers
    • Should Your Group Incorporate?
    • Legal Advice for Community Leaders
    • Organizing Handbook
    • Community Organizing Wins
    • Fundraising Beyond Bake Sales
    • Empowering Ourselves
    • How to Win Public Hearings

General Issues: Guides and publications designed to inform you about health dangers, policy, relocation, and many more topics. 

  • General Issue Guides
    • Common Questions about Health Effects
    • Songs Not Speeches
    • Asthma
    • Behind Closed Doors
    • Detoxifying your Home
    • Monsanto Investigation
    • Everything About Facility Siting
    • How Clean is Clean?
    • Safety Plans
    • SLAPP Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
    • Risk Assessment Fact Pack
    • Relocation: Getting Organized and Getting Out (Go Go)
    • Using Your Right-to-Know
  •  General Reports/Books
    • 25 Years of Citizen Activism
    • No Silver Lining
    • Science Issues for Community Leaders
    • From the Files of a Whistleblower: William Sanjour’s Memoir
    • Achieving the Impossible

Media Outreach: Guides and publications that will help you learn the best strategies for interacting with the media and using the media to spread your message. 

  • Messaging
    • Bringing Your Message to the People
    • Framing Your Message
    • The Creative Brief
    • Model for Your Message
    • Visionary Vocabulary
    • Talking Precaution
  • Media Events
    • How to Hold a Media Event
    • Writing News Advisories and Releases
      • Sample News Advisories
    • Media Event Tactics
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of Talking to the Media
  • Writing for Media
    • How to Write Effective Letters, Op-Eds, Editorials, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook Posts
  • Media Glossary

PVC: While PVCs are no longer part of an active campaign for CHEJ, we still have a wealth of resources to provide regarding the potential dangers that come from PVCs.

  • Bad News Comes in 3s
  • Bad News Comes in 3s Exec Summary
  • Bad News Comes in 3s Major Findings Factsheet
  • Bad News Comes in 3s Top Ten States Landfill PVC Fact Sheet
  • Volatile Vinyl
  • Back-to-School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies
  • Back-to-School Wallet Guide for PVC Free School Supplies
  • Our Health and PVC Fact Sheet
  • PVC the Poison Plastic Fact Sheet
  • PVC Flooring and Toxic Cleaning Products Fact Sheet
  • Top Ten Reasons Your School Should Go PVC Free Factsheet
  • PVC and Environmental Justice Factsheet
  • PVC Policies Around the World Factsheet
  • Toxic Toys R US
  • Pass up the Poison Plastic— The PVC Free Guide for your Family and Home
  • Choosing Safer Plastics— A Plastics Wallet Guide

Love Canal: CHEJ was born out of Lois Gibbs and the citizens of Love Canal’s historic fight to a healthy community. Read more about these events here!

  • Love Canal: A Fact Pack
  • Love Canal: A Guidebook
  • Love Canal: A Chronology of Events
  • Love Canal: The Story Continues
  • Past publications of Everyone’s Back Yard

Recursos en Español: Una organización, Women’s Voices for the Earth, ha creado publicaciones que tratan de los peligros que presentan las toxinas en el hogar. Aquí compartimos sus publicaciones para la gente hispanoparlante: es importante educarse sobre los riesgos de productos comunes. 

  • Peligros en el Hogar
  • El Uso Exagerado de los Desinfectantes
  • Chem Fatale (Productos Femeninos Tóxicos)

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