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Black Americans in ‘Cancer Alley’ disproportionately exposed to toxic pollution

In St. James Parish, Louisiana, residents face some of the highest cancer risks in the country due to air pollution from the nearby 85-mile industrial corridor. Taiwanese plastics company Formosa plans to build a 2,400 acre site that could double the toxic emissions in the parish.  Read more... Photo credit: NBC News

The Trump Administration Is Reversing Nearly 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.

Over four years in office, the Trump administration has dismantled major climate policies and rolled back many more rules governing clean air, water, wildlife and toxic chemicals. While other administrations have emphasized cutting regulations, calling them burdensome to industries like coal, oil and gas, the scope of actions under Mr. Trump is “fundamentally different,” said [...]

Inside the climate battle quietly raging about US homes

Some challenges to US climate action are obvious – like when Donald Trump boasts about leaving the international Paris agreement and rolling back pollution rules. But many more play out behind the scenes. One of those is the battle over efforts to make America’s new homes and buildings more energy-efficient.  On one side are the [...]

Florida Sees Signals of a Climate-Driven Housing Crisis

If rising seas cause America’s coastal housing market to dive — or, as many economists warn, when — the beginning might look a little like what’s happening in the tiny town of Bal Harbour, a glittering community on the northernmost tip of Miami Beach. With single-family homes selling for an average of $3.6 million, Bal [...]

Fighting Polluters with the Science of Environmental Justice in the COVID-19 Era

By: Leija Helling, Communications Intern As evidence highlighting the racial inequity of COVID-19 impacts has grown clear over the past few months, activists have harnessed the science to fight against polluters. Data through the end of May 2020 showed Black and Latinx people were three times as likely to become infected with COVID-19 and twice [...]

Under Trump, Criminal Prosecutions for Pollution Dropped Sharply

Prosecutions of environmental crimes have “plummeted” during the Trump administration, according to a new report. The first two years of the Trump administration had a 70 percent decrease in criminal prosecutions under the Clean Water Act and a decrease of more than 50 percent under the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Crimes Project at the [...]

Tighter Border Policies Leave Migrants Vulnerable to Effects of Climate Change

As the planet continues to warm, people living in the world’s most vulnerable regions — like arid or low-lying nations — must contend with the decision to stay in a place where livability is decreasing or leave for countries with more stable climate and economic conditions. Read more... Photo credit: ENN

Claiming Major Superfund ‘Success,’ Trump EPA Focused on Completing Cleanups – But Climate Change Dangers Went Unaddressed

For the last two years of the Obama administration, Jacob Carter built data models at the Environmental Protection Agency that showed how extreme weather events amplified by climate change threatened hundreds of the nation's worst toxic waste dumps, known as Superfund sites. President Barack Obama had made combating climate change the EPA's No. 1 priority, [...]

As Shell’s construction moves into final stage, citizens organize environmental self-defense classes

To date, what we know about the petrochemical plant under construction in Beaver County has come from its owner, Shell Chemical Co. That won’t always be the case. When the plant starts producing its plastic pellets sometime in the next few years, it will put information into the world, through air and water emissions. A [...]

Air pollution particles in young brains linked to Alzheimer’s damage

Tiny air pollution particles have been revealed in the brain stems of young people and are intimately associated with molecular damage linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. If the groundbreaking discovery is confirmed by future research, it would have worldwide implications because 90% of the global population live with unsafe air. Medical experts are cautious [...]