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Thirty acres of desolate land stretch across the heart of Uniontown, Ohio, a vast expanse of grass, trees, and scruffy vegetation no one can use because a toxic stew of nearly one hundred deadly contaminants festers beneath its surface. Enclosed by chain-link fencing and warning signs, the Industrial Excess Landfill (IEL) is one of more [...]

Report: Aging Pa. schools ‘uniquely vulnerable’ to environmental health hazards | Wednesday Coffee

Aging infrastructure has left Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts “uniquely vulnerable” to such environmental health hazards as radon and mold, putting the safety of roughly 1.7 million public school students at risk, a new report concludes. The report, by the advocacy group Women for a Healthy Environment, calls on state officials to create “an equitable formula,” for school infrastructure [...]

Environmental group: U.S. military sites are contaminating Chesapeake Bay with ‘forever chemicals’

ANNAPOLIS — At least nine U.S. military sites along the Chesapeake Bay are leaking contaminated fluids known as “forever chemicals” into the estuary, according to a new report from the Environmental Working Group published on Aug. 11. The Washington-based environmental organization released the study after gaining access to Department of Defense records obtained through a [...]

Demonstrators march for local hiring, environmental justice in I-81 project

On Saturday, about 150 Syracuse community members demanding economic, racial and environmental justice for the impacts of the Interstate 81 viaduct marched from Dr. King Elementary School to the New York state office building in downtown Syracuse. “No justice, no peace,” the demonstrators chanted. “I-81 has got to go.” Read More... Photo Credit: Francis Tang/The [...]

Inhaling Toxic Wildfire Smoke Increases Your Risk of Dying From COVID-19

Inhaling wildfire smoke may affect your body's immunity towards coronavirus. A recent study discovered that excess exposure to fine particulate matter in wildfire smoke could lead to more covid-19 cases and deaths. During an unprecedented fire season in the U.S. West, a new study reveals that air pollution from 2020 wildfires in Washington, California, and Oregon was linked [...]

Schumer Says ‘The Facts Are Clear,’ Stands Against BK Fracked Gas Pipeline

Senator Chuck Schumer has spoken out against National Grid’s North Brooklyn Pipeline after months of conflict between National Grid and community leaders who have worked to stop the pipeline’s construction. The pipeline, which would carry fracked gas through the predominately Black and Brown neighborhoods of Brownsville, Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and Williamsburg, has been in the works [...]

Report: Racial disparities afflict EPA drinking water funds

Congress is preparing to infuse a historic amount of money into the nation’s drinking water systems — but whether that money will meet President Biden’s environmental justice goals will largely fall into the hands of states unlikely to consider race or how accessible those funds are to struggling communities, according to a new report. The [...]

Bridging Borders and Strengthening Communities; Jose Franco Garcia

By Jessica Klees, Communications Intern Jose Franco Garcia is an activist working with the Environmental Health Coalition, a binational organization that does work in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. His work focuses on environmental justice that crosses borders and brings communities together. “Much like the Environmental Health Coalition, I grew up on both sides [...]

The Conversation: Male fertility declining, environmental toxins could be a culprit

THE CONVERSATION — In the U.S., nearly 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility. Unfortunately, physicians like me who specialize in reproductive medicine are unable to determine the cause of male infertility around 30 to 50% of the time. There is almost nothing more disheartening than telling a couple “I don’t know” or “There’s nothing I can [...]

Infrastructure Summer: Polluters Don’t Pay in New ‘Polluter Pay’ Tax

When the Superfund program first passed Congress in 1980, there was one word that marked the moment: justice. Finally, polluters were on the hook for cleaning up neighborhoods, waterfronts, and schoolyards. Many Americans living near toxic waste sites were already mired with health complications, including epilepsy, miscarriages, nephrosis, and even fatal illnesses. For once, the [...]