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A Black community in Northeast D.C. is surrounded by industrial pollution. The city plans to add more.

The D.C. government is preparing to build a sprawling school-bus terminal in the historically Black enclave of Brentwood, where residents have long lived amid industrial sites that discharge pollution into their community. Over the objections of neighborhood leaders, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) and the office of the District’s superintendent of education pushed to construct [...]

EPA Reapproves Pesticide Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

WASHINGTON— The Environmental Protection Agency today reapproved paraquat, the most acutely lethal pesticide still in use. The weedkiller has resulted in the deaths of at least 30 people in the United States in the past 30 years and is one of only two pesticides still in U.S. use that is banned in the European Union, China and Brazil. It has been found to [...]

Portsmouth’s Haven well to supply water again, 7 years after PFAS contamination found

PORTSMOUTH – City officials have announced plans to bring the Haven well back online this week, seven years after it was shut down because of the presence of toxic PFAS chemicals in the water. The city received permission from the N.H. Department of Environmental Services “for the reactivation of the Haven well,” after the upgraded Pease [...]

Hazy Skies and Corporate Ties: We Must Put People Over Profits

By: Leija Helling, Community Organizing Intern On Monday afternoon between Zoom meetings, I set out for a walk around my Boston neighborhood and opened the front door to a hazy sky. The air felt thick and smelled like a backyard barbecue. I stood in confusion for a moment, and then in disbelief: wildfire smoke. News [...]

Here’s what’s in the bipartisan infrastructure bill

(CNN)A bipartisan group of senators unveiled the legislative text of the infrastructure bill on Sunday night after months of negotiations. In total, the deal includes $550 billion in new federal investments in America's infrastructure over five years. READ: Bipartisan infrastructure plan 2,700-page bill However, it is far short of the $2.25 trillion proposal that President Joe Biden unveiled in March. That [...]

The Oil and Gas Industry Produces Radioactive Waste. Lots of It

Massive amounts of radioactive waste brought to the surface by oil and gas wells have overwhelmed the industry and the state and federal agencies that regulate it, according to a report released today by the prominent environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council. The waste poses “significant health threats,” including the increased risk of cancer to oil and [...]

Enlist the Ocean in Combatting Climate Change, Experts and Advocates Argue

Climate scientists and marine advocates are calling on governments worldwide to look beyond green policymaking when it comes to climate change. They say a critical shade is missing in the fight against global warming. Blue. Countries must recognize the important role that oceans have in limiting climate change and enact policies to protect marine ecosystems, [...]

More record-shattering heat waves are likely on the way due to climate change, scientists say

The probability of record-shattering heat waves is increasing due to climate change, according to scientists who are measuring temperature predictions in a new way. Researchers that looked into rate of warming, rather than how much warming has occurred, found that record-shattering heat waves occur in spurts during periods of accelerated climate warming, according to a [...]

Study finds link between residential proximity to oil and gas drilling and lower birthweights in infants

A new study from Oregon State University found that infants born within 3 kilometers of oil and natural gas drilling facilities in Texas had slightly lower birthweights than those born before drilling began in their vicinity. The study, published today in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found that the type of drilling or resource being extracted did [...]

Why Indigenous Activists Are Driving a 25-Foot Totem Pole Across the Country

Earlier this month, Native American activists embarked on an epic, cross-country trek that began in Washington state and is slated to end on the front lawn of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in Washington, D.C. on July 29. The group is carrying precious cargo: namely, a monumental totem pole strapped to the [...]