Polluting Industries Profits Vs. Risks To Public Health

By: Tony Aguilar, Community Organizing Intern Time and time again, it seems as though legislation always swings in the direction of big industries–especially the chemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industries–rather than in the direction of the general public. A small number of pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to control the market on drugs and [...]

EPA’s step toward regulating PFAS welcome news for local advocates

The EPA included PFAS in a draft of a list of contaminants that may be subject to future regulation, but local water-quality activists are calling for more action more quickly. Every five years, the Environmental Protection Agency creates an updated list of water contaminants. The list released last week includes several dozen chemicals and microbes, [...]

PFAS Contamination in California

By: Leia Ku Cheng Yee, Communications and Development Intern Since I have been living in California for 5 years, and have only been drinking tap water, I have always wondered if the water is safe for every Californian. Although I am a tap water advocate, and a firm believer that plastic bottled water is negatively [...]

Where Are the Lead Pipes? Finding Them May Prove Tough for EPA

Newly appointed Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has pledged to address the concerns of U.S. communities that have disproportionately suffered from pollution and environmental degradation. In her role as the primary steward of America’s public lands, Haaland promised last week to incorporate diverse perspectives and prioritize environmental justice across the agencies of the Department [...]

South Dakota tribes applaud cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline, Thune decries ‘bad decision’

Tribal leaders in South Dakota are applauding President Joe Biden's day one move to halt the Keystone XL Pipeline at the country's northern border, calling the action a willingness to listen to Native American voices. Tribes in South Dakota have been opposed to and protesting the pipeline's construction for more than a decade. Biden canceled its [...]

Biden Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement, Halts Arctic Oil Leasing

President Joe Biden signed sweeping actions to combat climate change just hours after taking the oath of office, moving to rejoin the Paris accord and imposing a moratorium on oil leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Environmentalists said Biden’s actions -- some of which could take years to be implemented -- renew the U.S. [...]