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Albany women say coal-plant is part of cancer-causing racism

A group of Albany women has been fighting for nearly a dozen years to bring to light what they’ve long suspected, that they are the victims of environmental racism. They say cancer is showing up in their families, and it all points to one facility that still stands today.
“My mom had cancer. My father had cancer too.” said Elaine McCall.
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Memphis pipeline canceled after environmental justice feud

Pipeline opponents; environmental groups; and Memphis, Tenn., activists celebrated over the holiday weekend after the developers of the Byhalia Connection crude oil pipeline abruptly dropped the project.
Plains All American Pipeline LP officials made the announcement late Friday, citing market factors for the cancellation. But serious legal and political obstacles loomed over the 50-mile project, which gained national prominence as a battle about environmental justice.
“If anybody is asking whether the movement is alive in Memphis, you have your answer,” Justin Pearson, one of the leaders of the effort to stop the pipeline, said in an online video posted shortly after the announcement. “Today Southwest Memphis’ movement rings across this country.”
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Solving pollution from solvents requires solvent Superfund | Editorial

Shhh! Don’t tell the Republicans, but there’s a tax increase in the bipartisan federal infrastructure legislation that some in their party have endorsed.

The “deal” reinstates the tax, or fee, that feedstock chemical producers used to pay that ensure that “orphaned” Superfund contaminated sites will be cleaned up. The GOPers who signed off on the package must be OK with that, and that’s a good thing.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Chandler/AP Photo