Fighting for the People: Living Room Leadership with Roxanne Groff

By: Ruth Rodriguez, Communications Intern Roxanne Groff, a formidable activist with 20 years of experience as an elected official in Athens County, Ohio, shared her experience for CHEJ’s Living Room Leadership Series.  Originally from Toledo, Groff made her way to Athens, Ohio for college in 1967 where her activism began. There, she began protesting the [...]

Warehouse Development Is Trouble for Jurupa Valley: Living Room Leadership with Esther Portillo of the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice

By: Ruth Rodriguez, Communications Intern Esther Portillo, Interim Executive Director of the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) in Jurupa Valley, CA, shared her experience as an activist for CHEJ’s Living Room Leadership Series. Portillo has organized and empowered communities of color across the nation and now is leading CCAEJ’s grassroots efforts to [...]

Raising Hope: Living Room Leadership with Rebecca Jim of Local Environmental Action Demanded

By: Ruth Rodriguez, Communications Intern Rebecca Jim, Founder and Executive Director of Local Environmental Action Demanded (LEAD) Agency, Inc, shared her experience as an activist for CHEJ’s Living Room Leadership Series. Jim shared about her community’s fight for environmental justice of the Tar Creek area, one of the largest and most polluted Superfund sites in [...]

Cuomo Pushes to Weaken Ban on Toxic Foam Burning

A bill to stop the burning of toxic foam has become a flashpoint between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and its sponsors, as the governor’s office pushes to retain the authority to greenlight the practice in the future. Residents of Cohoes, a small city in Albany County, learned in February that a hazardous waste incinerator owned by Norlite LLC, [...]

Trump administration rolls back Obama-era rule aimed at limiting toxic wastewater from coal plants

The Trump administration weakened a 2015 regulation that would have forced coal plants to treat wastewater with more modern, effective methods in order to curb toxic metals such as arsenic and mercury from contaminating lakes, rivers and streams near their facilities. “The Trump administration is once again jeopardizing people’s health to give coal power industry [...]

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak proclaims racism a public health crisis

"The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the challenges caused by racial disparities within Nevada’s communities, especially in the form of virus and environmental exposure risks, and through all major stages of health care." Read more. Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office

One Step Forward, So Many Steps Back

By: Kara Hoisington In 2019, data of all police killings in the country compiled by Mapping Police Violence, black Americans were nearly three times more likely to die from police than white Americans. The recent murder of George Floyd finally sparked the flame for Congress to address this form of systematic racism police departments impose. [...]

Baltimore’s Right to Clean Air and Zero Waste

The Baltimore City Council unanimously passed a resolution on Monday, April 6th to adopt Baltimore's Fair Development Plan for zero waste. Residents are now calling for supporter to sign on to encourage Baltimore's Mayor Young to defend the city's right to clean air and zero waste by breaking Baltimore's contract with BRESCO, a trash incineration [...]

Finally Cleaning Up Portland Harbor After Two Decades

20 years of waiting and finally The Portland Harbor will be cleaned up.  It’s highly contaminated with dozens of pollutants from more than a century of industrial use. Yesterday, EPA announced additional agreements with more than a dozen companies for cleanups of the river. The companies that have signed agreements include NW Natural, Arkema Inc., Bayer [...]

A Brief Look at Louisiana’s Relationship with Big Industry

In 2004, Louisiana passed a bill to criminalize most acts of protest against "critical infrastructure" within the industry sector. Within the last two years, Louisiana has expanded the bill to include the trespassing and protest of pipelines in response to the North Dakota protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Over 15 years later, 10 states have [...]