Jeff Bezos is now the biggest climate activism donor—and that’s a problem

On Nov. 16, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced the first round of grantees from his “Earth Fund,” which has committed to ultimately channel $10 billion to climate change-related causes and groups. In this first crop, 16 organizations will receive a total of $791 million, making Bezos the world’s biggest backer of climate activism. In one [...]

The Wait for Cleanup Continues … Government Keeps Family Waiting

By: Sharon Franklin, Chief of Operations The danger arrived for Kim and Richard Rankin and their family in 2004, in the form of a hidden pile of soil, at their home in Kenton, Missouri, as reported by P.J. Randhawa and Erin Richey for KSDK-TV. https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/investigations/lead-contaminated-backyard-nightmare-jefferson-county/63-2e63f898-20a5-4aff-90b9-3477e8e658e2.   The Rankins learned years later that the soil was contaminated with [...]

EPA postpones environmental justice training after White House memo

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will postpone training on environmental inequity faced by communities of color and low-income communities following a White House order calling for agencies to stop training involving what it described as "anti-American propaganda." Read more... Photo credit: Getty Images

Marquita Bradshaw on Her Tennessee Primary Victory: ‘I Could See the Momentum’

Ms. Bradshaw, an environmental justice advocate, is the first Black woman to be nominated for the Senate by a major party in Tennessee. “Working people showed that my viability was different,” she said. Read more. Photo from Associated Press

If You Care About the Economy, You Should Also Care About Pollution

By: Sophie Weinberg, Intern Money is the driving force behind many industries in the United States, and those that pollute are no exception. It is a common perception that those industries, such as coal mining, are vital to the economy, when in reality pollution that results from those industries is detrimental to economic success. Particularly, [...]

Minnesota Bans Toxic Chemical TCE

Minnesota has become the first state in the country to ban the toxic chemical TCE. The chemical is known to cause cancer and birth defects and has been released from Water Gremlin into the air for nearly 15 years within the White Bear Township. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed the ban of TCE on Saturday and [...]

Could Air Pollution Make the Effects of the Coronavirus Worse?

Health experts are concerned that pollution may exacerbate the health effects of the coronavirus. Air pollution is known to be linked to lung and heart damage. The coronavirus may have a more serious impact on city dwellers and those that are in closer to proximity to pollution. Read More.