Shifting retailers and manufacturers toward more sustainable products doesn’t happen without sustained pressure from consumers. CHEJ’s staff knows how to organize, work with coalitions and how to pull the right levers to swing corporate policies toward sustainability.
Ken Geiser, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, MA
A small group of citizens formed our group in an effort to retake our community from the polluters. CHEJ’s trained us to use our meager resources to tell our story of hope for a safe and healthy place to raise our families—a story our community believed was possible as attitudes changed.
Daniel Parshley, Glynn Environmental Coalition, GA
Communities facing environmental health threats often have to confront corporate interests that
overwhelm them with scientific data. CHEJ has scientific expertise as well as organizing savvy. We need both to level the playing field between communities and corporate polluters.
Richard Clapp, Professor of Environmental Health, Boston University, MA
If there is not a strong and strategic grassroots component, you don’t win. To achieve environmental health protection, it’s absolutely essential to have a grassroots organizing component, and that’s why CHEJ is so essential to the work being done in communities around the nation.
Judith Enck, EPA Region 2 Administrator , NY