United Nation’s Tribunal Recommends Worldwide Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing.

Contact: Lois Marie Gibbs (CHEJ/PAI) 703-237-2249 Teresa Mills  (CHEJ)  614-539-1471   United Nation’s Tribunal Recommends Worldwide Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing. The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal is recommending a worldwide ban on hydraulic fracturing, the extreme oil and gas extraction technique known as  ‘fracking.’ The Tribunal found that the materials, and infrastructure of fracking inherently and necessarily violate human rights. [...]

Bridgeton Landfill Update

A 2013 lawsuit regarding the Bridgeton landfill finally reached a settlement in Missouri courts. The settlement holds Bridgeton accountable and is a step in the right direction according to Missouri's Attorney General. Republic Services will still manage the site. Additionally, Bridgeton will create a$12.5 million restitution fund and pay $3.5 million in fines and damages. Read [...]

West Virginia Activists Protest Governor

Minden, West Virginia has been contaminated by toxic and cancerous PCBs for decades after Shaffer Equipment Company buried electrical waste in the town. The activists are protesting a sewer project in the town that has exposed residents to PCBs. West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice, originally supported the communities efforts to put their town on the EPA's Superfund Priority list and halt [...]

Polite People Get Poisoned

Lois Gibbs delivers the keynote address at Building a Future Full of Hope and Promise: Improving Air Quality in Southwestern Pennsylvania on April 13, 2018.

Steven Cook Will Lead Superfund Task Force

It can be difficult at times to clearly identify the environmental goals and directives of Scott Pruitt’s EPA, but one clear directive of the administration is to advance the Superfund program. At the EPA, Superfund is administered by the Office of Land and Emergency Management. The office also oversees the regulation of hazardous waste, brownfields, [...]

‘Mother of Superfund’ criticizes Pruitt’s report: corporate interests Trump public health

Statement from Lois Marie Gibbs: Superfund was created following the Love Canal crisis in Niagara Falls, NY to primarily protect public health. I know because I was a resident and community leader at Love Canal. I found EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Superfund Task Force Report almost entirely void of public health concerns. In fact, the [...]

Introducing The People’s Task Force on the Future of Superfund

Introducing The People’s Task Force on the Future of Superfund Voices from Contaminated Communities Across the Country   The Trump Administration and newly-appointed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt claim they want to return Superfund cleanups “to their rightful place at the center of the EPA’s core mission.” However their actions speak differently: their proposed budget includes a 30 [...]

Teamsters, Community Protest Republic Services Over Toxic Landfills

Teamsters Attend Waste Company’s Annual Shareholders Meeting; Republic Board of Directors a No-Show PRESS CONTACT Kara Deniz Email: kdeniz@teamster.orgPhone: (202) 624-6911 (PHOENIX) — Teamsters with the Solid Waste and Recycling Division, and Beth Roach, a community activist from Wayne County, Ga., attended Republic Services Inc.’s [NYSE: RSG] annual shareholders’ meeting in Phoenix on Friday, decrying [...]

Just Moms STL & CHEJ File Complaint with United Nations

“This place is disease. It takes your heart away; it takes your spirit away. And something’s got to end.  Somebody has got to help us because there are people stranded here. My kids are stranded here.  Somebody from the outside has got to come and save us.”       --Bob Terry a local resident pleading to [...]

FrackFree Mahoning Valley schedules April 26 media event

FrackFree Mahoning Valley schedules April 26 media event By BOB DOWNING Published: April 26, 2016 From a Monday press release: Frackfree Mahoning Valley (FMV) Will Hold A Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 1:15 PM Press Conference in Youngstown’s Mill Creek Park To React to Comments Made By Ohio Department of Natural Resources Officials Regarding Utica Shale [...]