My Personal Experience with the EPA

By: Jose Aguayo, Senior Science Associate The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an often embattled and criticized federal agency – and very much rightly so. Since its inception in late 1970, the EPA has struggled to deliver on its mandate to be good stewards for America’s environment. However, it is my view derived from [...]

Water Quality: From Information To Immersive

By: Benjamin Silver, Science and Technology Intern Imagine suspecting that your drinking water is unsafe, but lacking the tools to verify your assumption. If the Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota wants to obtain useful data about their drinking water, they must navigate to an online Water Quality Portal with multiple spreadsheets. Some of these [...]

‘Forever chemicals’ found in tests of state’s rivers

BOSTON — Tests of surface water found a toxic brew of "forever chemicals" in the state's major rivers and tributaries, environmental officials said Tuesday. The tests, conducted last fall by the U.S. Geological Survey, found per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in each of the 27 rivers and brooks sampled for the substances, which have been used [...]

How people of color are targeted in ‘sacrifice zones’

The Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted how systemic racism disproportionately places danger and harm on low-income and minority populations. One harsh reality of this systemic racism is the existence of "sacrifice zones," which are communities located near pollution hot spots that have been permanently impaired by intensive and concentrated industrial [...]

Pollution is so bad in this Chicago neighborhood, people are on hunger strike to stop it

Oscar Sanchez’s fight against a scrapyard set to be relocated to his Southeast Chicago neighborhood has taken quite the physical toll. He’s lost about 20 pounds in the past month. He is increasingly unable to sleep, speak, or think clearly. Sometimes it’s so bad he can’t remember what he said even five minutes ago. Sanchez knows exactly [...]

In call for environmental justice, Biden’s climate agenda reaches into neighborhoods

WASHINGTON — The census tracts span much of Pittsburgh, along with the suburban North Hills and South Hills. They snake along the banks of the regions rivers, encompassing small towns like Connellsville and Kittanning, rural swaths of Indiana County and the woods of the Allegheny National Forest. State officials have deemed the tracts as environmental [...]