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A Black community in Northeast D.C. is surrounded by industrial pollution. The city plans to add more.

The D.C. government is preparing to build a sprawling school-bus terminal in the historically Black enclave of Brentwood, where residents have long lived amid industrial sites that discharge pollution into their community.

Over the objections of neighborhood leaders, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) and the office of the District’s superintendent of education pushed to construct the $20 million hub for 230 buses without studying the health and air-quality impact of industrial sites already in the area.

Northeast Brentwood is home to a city garbage-truck fleet with its accompanying stench, a paving operation that patches up streets and bridges across the city, a giant recycling center that also carries a jolting odor of garbage, a construction company where cloudy asphalt material is showered into huge trucks, and numerous auto repair facilities.

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Photo Credit: Kyna Uwaeme/The Washington Post