Environmental groups sue EPA, seek stricter rules over fracking waste linked to earthquakes

Brady Dennis, Washington Post. A coalition of environmental advocacy groups, including CHEJ, sued the EPA for stricter fracking waste rules.  A collection of environmental advocacy groups on Wednesday sued the Environmental Protection Agency, saying the government has failed to adequately regulate the disposal of waste generated by oil and gas drilling. In particular, the lawsuit [...]

Environmental advocate: Keystone landfill expansion debate is nationally important

Kyle Wind, Scranton Times-Tribune.  Friends of Lackawanna hold an panel discussion on the expansion of Keystone Sanitary Landfill with the help of CHEJ. Keystone Sanitary Landfill’s expansion proposal has national importance because its approval could affect how the Eastern Seaboard disposes of garbage in the coming decades, an environmental activist said Monday. “I think this is [...]

An underground fire is burning near a nuclear waste dump, and officials say EPA has been too slow to react

Washington Post, Darryl Fears. Members of CHEJ network group Just Moms STL explain the health effects of living near West Lake Landfill and the slow movement of the EPA to stop the underground fire or provide relocation for the families. Just Moms STL visits Capitol Hill to push their bill on relocation to congress.   [...]

West Lake Landfill activists join forces with Flint water protestors to pressure EPA

Chuck Raasch, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Activists working with CHEJ around the West Lake Landfill controversy in St. Louis and in Flint, Mich., have joined forces to put pressure on the federal Environmental Protection Agency to respond more forcefully to both environmental crises. An article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch covers a joint press conference between Flint [...]

West Lake Landfill activists join forces with Flint water protestors to pressure EPA

West Lake Landfill activists join forces with Flint water protestors to pressure EPA By Chuck Raasch at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Feb 9, 2016 In this Feb. 9, 2016 photo, JUST MOMS co-creator Karen Nickel criticizes what she says was inaction of EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, pictured over her left shoulder, in the [...]

EPA May Lose Authority Over St. Louis-Area Landfill With Radioactive Waste

By JOHN R. EMSHWILLER Feb. 6, 2016 5:30 a.m. ET Missouri’s U.S. senators and some of its House members are pushing to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of remediation authority over a landfill near St. Louis that contains radioactive waste, and instead give it to the Army Corps of Engineers.   To read the full article, click here.

Helping can hurt: Complications and consequences of remediation strategies

Environmental remediation often involves a) moving large amounts of contaminated material from one place to another, b) treating the polluted material with chemical compounds, or c) both. The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council says it best in their guideline document on managing risks during remediation: “Investigation and remediation activities have their own set of risks, [...]