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Governor of Wisconsin Takes On PFAS

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has signed an executive order to curb contamination from chemicals in firefighting foam, non-stick cookware and fast-food wrappers, his office announced Friday.
The state DNR will have to create a council to develop a PFAS action plan for the state and evaluate the risk PFAS pose to public health. The agency already has a PFAS technical advisory group that examines the chemicals’ impact on the state but it doesn’t have an appointed membership. Anyone can attend the group’s meetings.

 The DNR also must develop regulatory standards for the chemicals. Evers’ administration in June proposed a new PFAS enforcement standard of 20 parts per trillion, far below the 70 parts per trillion federal standard. The DNR is currently gathering public input on the standards. DNR spokeswoman Sarah Hoye said the executive order allows the department to propose rules implementing the new standards.  Read more.

A look back – Times Beach, MO Evacuated 37 Years Ago

Times Beach made national headlines in December 1982 when state and federal health officials declared the town uninhabitable because its unpaved roadways were polluted with dioxin, a toxic chemical.  “Everything that was near and dear to the people in this community. All the houses and the city equipment. Everything that they didn’t take with them that was left in their homes is buried here,” said Marilyn Leistner, the last mayor of Times Beach. Read more.

Photo:  A copy of the promotion for Times Beach that was published in the St. Louis Times newspaper in 1925.