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High BPA levels linked to 49% greater risk of death within 10 years, study says

Look into your pantry — have you packed it with canned foods since the start of the pandemic?  Or are you a receipt hoarder — who keeps all your paper sales receipts for taxes or refunds? Metal food and beverage cans are lined with an epoxy resin coating made from a family of chemicals called bisphenols.  That group includes the infamous bisphenol A that was used to create baby bottles, sippy cups and infant formula containers until frightened parents boycotted those products a decade ago. The chemical compound BPA is an endocrine disruptor, affecting the hormones in the body, and fetuses and babies are especially vulnerable. It’s been linked to fetal abnormalities, low birth weight, and brain and behavior disorders in infants and children, as well as diabetes, heart diseasecancer and obesity in adults. One study even found erectile dysfunction in workers exposed to BPA.

Death from any cause may now be added to that list, according to new research published Monday in the journal JAMA Network Open. Read more.

Photo from CNN