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Environmental groups sue in bid to block EPA ‘secret science’ rule

Green groups on Monday filed a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent a new rule limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) use of certain studies from taking effect.
The lawsuit takes aim at the EPA’s Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science rule, also known as the “secret science” rule, which restricts the use of studies that don’t make their underlying data public.
The agency has billed the rule as a transparency measure, though its opponents argue that it will prevent consideration of important public health studies that can’t publish their data for reasons such as privacy.
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Backyard Talk

A Shocking, yet unsurprising, end to a failed presidency

By: Gustavo Andrade, Organizing Director
After the horrific display of violence and hatred in Washington, DC last week, we must unite to uphold our most basic common values of democracy and safety for all. We fully support the bi-partisan efforts to impeach, convict and remove this president.
There is no place for white nationalism in a just society, no “middle ground” between fascism and fairness and no excuses for violence and murder.
We must focus on holding all those involved in the failed insurrection fully accountable, while also moving forward an aggressive agenda for justice. While the Georgia runoff elections have opened a window to significant legislative progress, President-Elect Biden should also make decisive use of his considerable executive powers to protect us from violent extremists and to undo the damage of the last 4 years as soon as possible, and chart a new course towards a more perfect union.