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The Answer to Climate Change-A Floating City

For years I’ve thought that those who advocate “clean coal” or hydro fracturing, oil drilling off shore or even nuclear power plants thought that once the earth has been totally contaminated, climate change has dried up our lakes and streams and deserts have replaced once lush farmland that they believed there was another planet where they could rebuild the new America. It is the only plan that made sense to me since they, their children and their children’s children have to live somewhere. All the money in the world can’t protect them when the air is no longer breathable or the water drinkable.

But I now know I was wrong. No, they can’t buy their way out of the nasty planet earth they have ruined. Nor is there another planet to move to. However, those with money could make a family reservation on the Seascraper. That’s right a self contained floating city. It was highlighted in National Geographic News.

Here’s the story.

The Seascraper—a self-sufficient community of homes, offices, and recreational space—was designed with the intention of slowing urban sprawl, according to its designers.

The vessel’s energy independence would come from underwater turbines powered by deep-sea currents as well as from a photovoltaic skin that could collect solar energy. The concave hull would collect rainwater and allow daylight to reach lower levels. Fresh water would come from treated and recycled rainwater via an on-board desalination plant.

This green machine would also help keep marine populations afloat, so to speak, with a buoyant base that serves as a reef and discharges fish food in the form of nutrients pumped from the deep sea, the U.S. design team says.

The idea that engineers and designers are even thinking about this floating city as an answer to climate change is ridiculous. Instead of getting our arms around and our policies focused on prevention or protection of our homeland and planet, we are designing and building a bigger mouse trap. Unbelievable.

Furthermore, everyone knows that decisions on what happens in this floating city will be the responsibility of the Captain not through a democratic process.

O.K. so I was wrong. The other planet to move earthlings to is out but the floating city, which looks like a Nike shoe by the way, is the alternative. Now all we need to do is figure out how to make a reservation for the next generation of our families.

Or we need to worker harder and smarter to save our planet and ourselves.