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Happy Valentines Day

heartBy Teresa Mills
Today as I opened my Valentines Day card I was immediately transported to a place that I had forgotten existed.  It was a small  neighborhood where the streets were lined with beautiful majestic trees with leaves just beginning to bud.  The sweet smell of spring was in the air.
As I walked along the streets, I did see an occasional patch of dandelions.  It was plain to see that the neighborhood children loved these tiny flowers as I found several rings and necklaces made from these golden flowers.  As I picked up one of these tiny rings, I noticed that these childhood treasures were the only things discarded on the sidewalks.  The lawns seemed natural; I wanted to take off my shoes and run through the yards like I did when I was young.
In this place I found adults sitting on their porches drinking tea out of beautiful handpainted porcelain cups, no throwaways here.  (Remember when houses had porches.)
As I passed by a group of neighbors talking about their upcoming neighborhood picnic, I could hear how excited they were, and it arose such a warm feeling in me that took me back to my childhood. Back to the days when teenagers would get so upset because everyone in town knew your business and kids knew they could not get away with anything, ya just knew someone would tell your mom.
When I looked up all I saw was a blue sky with an occasional puffy cloud.  I felt I could see forever.
Just as I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I realized I had broken this wonderful spell I was under.  When I opened my eyes I was back to reality.  The sweet smells became the all too familiar heavy odorous smells of industry.  I once had an elected official tell me that the smells showed the community was prospering.  Really?
The so-called perfect manicured lawn I see every day are not natural they are lawns doused with man-made chemicals.  Have you ever look at one of those little signs they put in your yard after it has been sprayed?
Have a heart today, wish your neighbor a Happy Valentines day or just a good day. Today people go for months or even years without talking to their neighbors.  What a shame.
I tried to open my Valentines Card again to see if it would once again be transported back to my childhood days.  But my card turned out to be just a Happy Valentines Day Card from my loving husband.  But oh I wish I could go back to those carefree days.  Think of your childhood and have a beautiful Valentines Day.